Sunday, June 12, 2016

4 Bad Dental Habits You Want To Break

It is awesome you have decided to improve your smile by regularly brushing and flossing and visiting your cosmetic dentist. But if you have bad dental habits it will be more difficult to get the smile you have been waiting for. Break these four dental habits and improve your smile today.

1.     Do you bite your nails? This habit can break your teeth and cause painful jaw problems. In order to break this habit you can try nail polish that has a bitter taste and is designed to help you stop biting your nails.
2.     Chewing ice cubes is not a good dental habit. While it is heating up outside you may be tempted to enjoy a cup of ice cubes, but chewing on ice can not only cause you to chip or crack a tooth, it can also cause jaw pain.
3.     Eating snacks all day is not a good habit for your smile, especially if they are high in sugar and carbs. The longer food remains on your teeth the more likely it is to turn into decay and cause cavities. If you are going to be on the beach or be consuming snacks throughout the day, try utilizing sugar free gum and drink water in order to help remove some of the food from the surface of your teeth.
4.     Clenching of the jaw not only causes long term jaw pain, it can eventually cause you to feel that you cannot open up your jaw wide or chew correctly. Avoid clenching your jaw and investigate whether a night guard would be helpful to you.

For more information on bad or great dental habits, contact Dr. Strutz and her team today.

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