Friday, November 4, 2016

Is Your Baby Loosing Too Much Weight?

When your baby is in the hospital you may have noticed that he struggled to breastfeed but still slept most of the time and didn’t cry much.  It is normal for babies to lose some weight after being born and so you and the doctor may not have thought much about it. You may have gone home thinking, this is okay. This is doable. He’ll breastfeed as soon as my milk comes in. If time has gone on and he is still struggling to latch, there may be something else going on.  It can be overwhelming to be a new mom. Sleep deprivation, frustration, and diaper smells. You may have even thought, a time or two, when you were pregnant that when you had a baby you were going to be put together and do everything right.

But breastfeeding can be difficult and it can be even trickier when your baby does not latch on correctly, is losing weight, and you feel like a failure. Before you spiral down the new mommy fear of failure slide and give up on breastfeeding, contact Dr. Strutz and her team and have your baby evaluated for a lip and tongue tie. While the number of babies who are born with lip and tongue tie seems to be growing, it has more to do with mothers asking the right questions of the right people. A qualified lactation consultant, ENT, or dentist who is knowledgeable about ties and the relationship between them and nursing can easily answer the question, “Why isn’t my baby latching properly?” While more doctors and dentists are aware of lip and tongue tie, it often still goes undiagnosed, leaving new moms to go home and wonder what they are doing wrong.

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