Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Don’t Let Fear Derail Your Dental Health

Are you one of the 15% of Americans that are living with dental phobia or dental fear? You may have daily dental pain you live with because every time you go to schedule that appointment with your dentist, the fear takes over. Dr. Judy Strutz and her amazing team of dental professionals can help. From the very beginning of your visit, to your time in the chair, to when you walk out the door with a smile you love, we can help make your visit extraodinary. Let us know when you schedule your appointment that dental phobia and fear is something that impacts you.

Prior to any treatment Dr. Strutz and her team will sit down with you and discuss your concerns. Once a consultation is complete, she will then walk you through the plan she believes will be in your best interest long term. This can help you to become comfortable with office, their procedures, and what your visits will look like in the future. Her goal is to help you keep your smile for a lifetime, by providing the highest quality product which means you may be able to restore and then just maintain.

On the day of the appointment remember to breathe, get a good night’s sleep, and do activities that help keep you calm. A quick yoga session may be exactly what you need. Once you have arrived, the team will continue to assure you and help support you through your procedure. After your visit, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile, without the negatives of decay, pain, and future anxiety.

You deserve a healthy smile, contact Dr. Strutz and her team today to help decrease your dental fear. 

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