Thursday, November 3, 2016

Is Time Ticking Down For Your Smile?

Have you given up on brushing and flossing because you feel your teeth have already been damaged beyond repair? Do your gums bleed and hurt every time you have to eat, brush or think about flossing? Now, is the time to change your smile around. It is not too late to get the smile you deserve. You may have gone through life hiding behind a tight grimace that makes your co-workers think you are grumpy. Or missed out on a promotion because your image did not match what the company wanted. Dr.Strutz and her team have been able to do amazing work with smiles. Do not give up on yourself.

Today there are so many dental advances that dental problems, unable to be corrected before can now be accomplished easily. Do not hold back for one more day or one more family photo. Implants, veneers, and All-on-4 treatment are just a few of the amazing procedures that can be done these days. But these are in fact just a few of the amazing procedures that are possible.

If you have a smile you do not get excited to share with the world, contact Dr. Strutz and her team to schedule a consult.

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