Monday, April 3, 2017

3 Facts About Malocclusion

Malocclusions are problems with the jaw. This can create anything from minimal pain or no pain to extreme pain depending on the type of malocclusion you have. There are a variety of causes of malocclusion including childhood trauma or sucking your thumb for a longer period of time as a kid, or severe injury that caused misalignment of your jaw.  Here are 3 facts about malocclusions you may not know.

1.     No amount of jaw pain is normal. You may think your pain is minimal and therefore is acceptable, but this is not the case. Living with malocclusion may seem minor at first, but can lead to more severe pain and problems later on.
2.     There are 3 different categories of malocclusion. The first type is the most common and usually does not cause pain. This is a situation when you smile, your front teeth overlap your bottom teeth. The 2 class is more severe and this occurs when your upper teeth severely overlap your bottom jaw and teeth.  The 3rd is when the lower jaw juts forward, causing the lower jaw and teeth to overlap.
3.     There are a variety of symptoms of malocclusion including pain, speech difficulties, mouth breathing and abnormal appearance of the face.

Dr. Strutz and her office can provide you with information on how severe your malocclusion is and options to allow you to live your life free of jaw pain.

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