Tuesday, May 23, 2017

7 Most Asked Questions About Fixed or Implant Supported Dentures

You may have burning questions but you just do not want to put yourself out there and call Dr. Strutz and her team. Maybe you think, I’ll just wait till my next visit. Here are the 7 most commonly asked questions about fixed or implants supported dentures.

1.     Will it hurt? There may be some minor discomfort during surgery and the healing process, but there are a number of patients who have reported very minimal pain during and after the procedure.
2.     How long does it take? Many patients are able to have the procedure done and walk out with their new smile in just a few hours per arch. The overall process make take longer depending on your circumstances.
3.     Will I be able to eat more food? Yes, once you have a fixed denture it improves your biting power and gives you the ability to consume foods you may have not been able to eat for years.
4.     Do you have to brush and floss? Yes, they are taken care of just like your natural teeth.
5.     Who should get fixed or implant supported dentures? Anyone who has a partial denture of who has a full denture that is not fixed, or someone who is contemplating dentures in the future.
6.     Can fixed or implant supported dentures restructure my facial features? Yes, individuals who have drooping or a collapse of cheeks due to missing bottom or upper teeth may experience looking and feeling younger due to having a full set of teeth placed.
7.     Do fixed or implant supported dentures decrease bone deterioration? Yes, because they rely on implants placed into the jaw bone, it re-stimulates bone growth and can prevent deterioration of the bone.

For more information on fixed or implant supported dentures, contact Dr. Strutz and her team today.

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