Thursday, May 4, 2017

Are You Looking To Improve Your Smile?

There are plenty of ways you can improve your smile. Fixing cracked or broken teeth using veneers, permanent dentures and using whitening procedures are but a few, but there are other things that don’t involve being in the dental chair that can help your smile wow them in your next photo. Here are 5 tips to improving the look of your smile.
1.     Smile wide. You want to have an ear-to-ear grin that lights up your face.
2.     Don’t pull your lips tight over your teeth.
3.     Don’t attempt to fake a smile. Think about something that makes you genuinely happy and engage, not only your lips and teeth, but your eyes also.
4.     Practice the pose in the mirror looking for the best angle. If your front teeth are crooked and it bothers you, try shifting to other angles to decrease the impact.
5.     Wiggle your nose back and forth until you feel your check muscles engage with your smile.

If you do not love showing off your smile, contact Dr. JudyStrutz and her team for a consultation on cosmetic procedures that can improve your smile.

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