Sunday, July 16, 2017

Are You A Candidate For Veneers?

There is so much information about veneers that it may leave you feeling dizzy. How do you know if veneers are right for you? Do you really need veneers or are there other treatments that can be used to keep your smile looking great? Dr. Judy Strutz has 3 things to look for in order to evaluate whether veneers may be right for you, however, a consultation can always be scheduled in order to determine if you are a candidate to improve your smile with veneers.

1.     Do you have uneven teeth? Veneers can help reshape your teeth to look more natural. If your smile has been impacted in a way that causes your teeth to look uneven when you smile, veneers can add back the shape you are looking for.
2.     Do you have stains on your teeth? Stains from smoking, food, and other reasons can cause you to attempt to hide your smile instead of showing it off to the world. If you have stains that are on your teeth and you have tried other whitening procedures without success, you may be a candidate for veneers.
3.     Do you have cracks, chips or breaks in your teeth? If there are not other concerns with the teeth that are cracked, chipped or broken then veneers may be the best option for you to get the look you are going for.

While veneers may not be right for everyone, they are a great solution for individuals who are looking to upgrade their smile this summer. Contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team for more information today.

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