Saturday, March 10, 2018

Did You know, Oral Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate?

It can seem that if you are not a smoker, or if you do not vape or inhale other carcinogens that you would not be impacted by oral cancer. The unfortunate part is that this is not true and often times, people wait until it is too late to get a questionable lump in their mouth checked out. Oral cancer is one of the highest rates of cancers that are not cured, because often times people wait until it is in the advanced stage.

An oral cancer screening is something you should schedule and have done on a regular basis. It can mean the difference between your health and a significant dental problem, or even more severe consequences. An oral cancer screening can be completed at your regular routine dental check-up, or if you have concerns. more often.

Dr. Strutz and her team conduct a thorough oral health screening in order to ensure that you have peace of mind, but the first step is you scheduling the appointment. Your oral cancer screening will include looking at the tongue, cheeks, lip, roof of your mouth and the inside of your cheeks.

For more information about oral cancer, or to schedule your screening today, contact Dr. Strutz and her team.

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