Saturday, October 19, 2019

Keep Your Veneers In Great Shape

Now that you have spent some time and money taking care of your smile and getting veneers, it is equally important that you continue to take care of your investment. Just brushing and flossing regularly is not enough to ensure that your new smile lasts a lifetime.  Here are 5 tips for taking care of veneers.

Use toothpaste that is not harsh or that can be abrasive for your new teeth. It is essential to keeping brushing two times a day or after every meal to ensure food is not sticking to your teeth, but the toothpaste you use can impact your smile.

Floss. You may believe that because you have veneers there is no reason to floss. However, flossing helps keep your gums in great shape, which is essential to keeping your veneers intact.

Use water or other mouthwash to rinse, especially after you have eaten a high carbohydrate food. You want to keep food from sticking to your veneers.

If you are going to play in sport or activity that may damage your veneers use a mouth guard to protect them.

Avoid consuming or chewing on items that are not food. Once the veneers have set, most foods that you eat should not be a problem, but eating ice or other hard objects can chip or crack the veneer.

For more information on keeping your veneers in great shape contact, Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.

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