Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bone Grafting-What is it? & Why Do I Need It?

Bone grafting is a procedure which allows your prosthodontist to synthetically help your body grow bone. This is done in order to fill extraction sites with synthetic bone.  Your dentist may recommend this procedure to you if you have a tooth that needs to be extracted and bone needs to be retained in the area; especially if an implant may be added in the future to the extraction site.  Dental implants usually require at least six millimeters of bone to attach to. The synthetic bone is placed in the extraction site to build up that area of the jaw.

Bone grafting procedures can be done using bone from your own body - removed usually from the hip area, it can be created and grown in a lab, or it can come from another animal. While all choices offer a viable solution according to Dr. Judy Strutz, this fantastic opportunity allows patients to regain a beautiful smile because once the bone grafting surgery is completed then implants or veneers can be created to build your new smile.

If an implant is placed on an inadequate amount of bone then the implant will not hold and you could end up in pain or require more extreme dental procedures in order to adequately fix your smile.  Dr. Strutz states, "once the bone is placed in the proper location, healing time will vary from person to person." However, once the site is built up correctly you can move forward and get that long lasting beautiful smile you have always desired.  

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