Thursday, January 22, 2015

Don’t Forget About The X-Rays

X-rays are a part of a routine visit with Dr. Judy Strutz but they are not used in a routine manner. They are utilized in order to find out the problems that are going on in your mouth beyond what the eye can see. It is critical for your oral health care that x-rays to be taken.  When you visit your Prosthodontist, Dr. Judy Strutz, she needs to be able to evaluate the whole picture of what is going on in your mouth.

If she is going to properly fit you for crowns, veneers, or other dental appliances she has to first be able to see the bone below the gums to determine if you have enough bone structure to place the necessary appliances. When recommending x-rays or radiographs, Dr. Strutz is utilizing them to analyze the health of your smile.  In order for her to plan the appropriate treatment to meet your dental needs she first has to be able to analyze your entire mouth. When your dental care provider can only see the tops of the teeth, valuable dental information is missed, in fact it could be information that saves your life.

X-rays help see the minor problems before they become major problems and are also important to evaluate whether you have oral cancer. X-rays should be taken on a regular basis.

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