Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Your Infant Should Have Frenectomy Surgery

Some doctors may recommend you wait for your baby to have a frenectomy surgery. Dr. Judith Strutz however, recommends having this procedure done sooner in order to increase your babys ability to nurse correctly and reduce the risk of a greater impact later on.

When babies are nursing they should be able to comfortably latch on and feed. When your baby has a maxillary frenectomy or tongue-tie it can cause your son or daughter to attempt to latch on at the side of their mouth instead of directly on. It can also cause you an extreme amount of pain if they are latched on incorrectly.   While the first few days of breastfeeding a brand new baby can be very trying, increased pain from an improper feeding position can cause any new mom to give up on the process.

When babies are nursing, if they are not latched on correctly, they may not be getting the necessary amount of food they need in order to maintain their weight and grow. On average after a baby is born they loose a few pounds. Proper nutrition is critical for these little ones to fight off infections and to boost their fragile immune systems.

Tongue-tied babies can almost immediately latch on and eat correctly after the surgery has been performed. Due to modern technology this surgery tends to be very smooth and easy for babies.   A laser is used to cut the extra skin and the wound is cauterized. While it takes a short amount of time to completely heal, your baby should be able to eat almost immediately.

If your little one was born with a frenum issue, contact Dr. Strutz and her team today for more information.

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