Saturday, January 3, 2015

Brush It Off & Move Forward With Your Dental Needs

A general dentist is a great place to start for your routine dental care, however, if you have more extensive dental needs a prosthodontist, such as Dr. Judy Strutz, may be a better alternative. She specializes in caring for patients who have extreme situations with their smile. And she doesn’t just focus on one problem. She focuses on restoring your mouth to build a one of a kind custom smile

While Dr. Strutz’s schooling is advanced, her experience in the field combined with her education is what makes her a genuine contender for restoring difficult smiles. The dental field offers numerous options today for fixing and restoring your smile, for example, implants may be the best way to go in order to get a full and beautiful smile, but you may only need a few implants. While there are numerous options, Dr. Judy Strutz will take the time to listen to you, build a smile using custom materials and then will see you back for a follow up to make sure that your smile is what you want and is, at the same time, fully functional.

Beautiful does not make your smile functional. The purpose of teeth is to allow you to chew all of the delicious food around you, to allow you to say certain words correctly and to provide a confident business look. Missing teeth may cause your smile to droop and age you beyond your years.

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