Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Maxillary Frenum’s Need Your Attention

Frenectomy laser surgery is a must if your child has tongue-tie. While you might believe it will go away on its own, it can actually get worse. If the skin that is holding the tongue in place on the inside of the lip goes untreated, it can get thicker and begin to separate the front teeth. "While a gap between the teeth seems cute when children are younger, it can be detrimental to older children," suggests Dr. Strutz.

Placing the tongue up against the back of the teeth makes certain sounds. When they begin to develop sounds, it is important that your school age child hears the sounds correctly. However, they need to also be able to say the sounds correctly in order to develop reading fluency. There is a small window when speech sounds are being developed and research shows that students who do not learn to speak correctly by early educational grades may never learn to correctly say the sounds. 

Your child’s self-esteem is important and is developed by being secure in their abilities. Children who struggle to state sounds correctly may become insecure as they begin to talk to peers but are unable to be understood. While they are in school, education is built on their ability to share ideas with their peers while the teacher facilitates the learning, for example your daughter walks through how to solve a math problem by talking. Reading is built on your child’s ability to hear and say the sounds correctly.

If you’re concerned about your student’s frenum contact Dr.Strutz today.

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