Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Static Occlusion-What Is That & Why Do I Need To Know About It?

When your jaw is moving during chewing and talking, there are different points on the teeth that hit together to make the movement more efficient. Static occlusion is the opposite of that. It is the points your teeth hit when your mouth is in a resting state. If you have ever had a filling done, the dentist will put a paper in your mouth and have you bite down. They are making sure that your are biting correctly and that your teeth are hitting the right points of contact. If they are off, it can cause jaw pain, or a more severe situation where you crack or break a tooth.

When your jaw is in a resting state some individuals may grind or clench their jaw. This can cause a host of other problems and concerns. While the treatment options for, “bruxism” or grinding depends on the individual person, there are dental devices that can help.  When you are resting or relaxed your jaw and teeth should be as well. Constant clenching during times of stress or relaxation can put an extreme amount of stress on your jaw. These problems can radiate and cause neck and back pain or headaches.
"Your jaw should not hurt when you are watching a movie, shopping with friends, or sipping on your favorite coffee," advises Dr. Judy Strutz. You should be relaxed and not feel tight pressure. Contact Dr. Judith Strtuz today if you’re experiencing jaw related pain.

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