Friday, March 13, 2015

Will My Insurance Cover Cosmetic Procedures?

Sometimes insurance companies will cover cosmetic procedures. Generally not whitening procedures, but they may cover some other cosmetic procedures depending upon the particular procedure and your particular plan.

You may feel the discolored fillings are cosmetic and need to be replaced, but there may be signs of wear or decay that could mean a crown or a replacement filling may be needed and this procedure could be covered by your insurance. "The same is true of changing an amalgam filling to a composite in order to improve the health of your smile, it comes along with the cosmetic benefits of a tooth colored filling," states Dr. Strutz .

 It is important for you to know, if your dentist is recommending a procedure, if it is purely cosmetic or if there is another reason behind the decision. This can help you reap the benefits of using your insurance to improve the overall look of your smile.  If you are not sure whether a procedure is covered by your insurance plan you can call the dental office and ask, or check with your insurance company.

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