Saturday, March 28, 2015

Why Do Implants Require Cleanings?

Implants are a fantastic replacement option for missing teeth. It is important to note that while implants replace broken or missing teeth, they still connect below the gum line and therefore require the same care as your natural teeth. Implants are placed in the bone, and if you do not brush or floss, the surrounding gum tissue can become infected. Gum recession and infection can occur if you do not floss and remove the bacteria between your teeth.  
Dr. Judy Strutz suggests, "brushing removes food debris from the surface of the teeth as well as removing food under the gum line." Food that has access to the gums for too long, increases the amount of acid on the tooth, which can penetrate the gum line. More buildup of bacteria along the gum line subsequently causes your teeth to become loose, and can potentially create a situation where your implant is unstable. Calculus and biofilm can build up on the surface of your implant. "If this occurs, your dentist may need a special tool to remove the calculus from your teeth in order to prevent more damage," says Dr. Strutz. 
Without proper care, just like a tooth, the implant can become infected. Brushing and flossing ensures your implants last a long time.  
If you notice any build-up or haven’t had your implants checked in the last twelve months, call Dr. Judy Strutz for more information on how to get on track with keeping your implants and your mouth healthy.  

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