Friday, July 3, 2015

4 Cosmetic Options For Your Smile

Spending Saturday nights taking a selfie that is missing your smile can become damaging to your self-esteem. While people around you open-mouth laugh, smile at the camera and share in stories, are you thinking about ways to cover up your smile? Well no more, here are four awesome restorative options to fix your smile.
1. Veneers. There has been a lot of recent information on how veneers can help your smile. They cover up your teeth and provide a new looking smile. “They function like your permanent set of teeth and can provide you with a healthy, white smile,” says prosthodontist, Dr. Judy Strutz. Keep in mind, though, they need to be maintained with brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist.

2. Whitening. If your teeth are stained or not as white as they used to be, whitening is an easy option. While there are several at home kits, you may find you get better results by having whitening done in your dental office, either using the same day method, or getting whitening trays that fit to your smile.

3. Replace missing teeth. Bridges can be used to replace a missing tooth.  Dr. Strutz explains, “A missing tooth can be replaced using a fixed bridge or by using an implant depending on what is going to best fit your smile.” An implant to restore a missing tooth will be placed in the jawbone and just restore the one tooth,  while a fixed bridge uses your natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth to hold it in place.

4. Fillings. Fix any fillings that are cracked, missing or damaged. Fillings can decrease not only the ability for your teeth to function properly it can cause your smile to appear unhealthy.

For more options contact Dr. Strutz & her team today.

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