Thursday, July 9, 2015

Get Excited & Give Yourself The Gift Of A Smile

Are you reminded of some of your decisions from younger days when you look in the mirror? Are your teeth a constant source of embarrassment and pain? You don’t need to spend one more second not loving your teeth and your smile. You have options and your cosmetic prosthodontist, Dr. Judith Strutz, will help you determine which ones are right for you. 
Starting with an extensive and comprehensive exam will allow Dr. Judith Strutz to evaluate any problems you have. You may have cracked or broken, stained or missing teeth. Depending on the severity and the problem, she may recommend implants, veneers or crowns. A comprehensive exam is the first key to getting your smile back on track. 

Once the exam has been completed, you’ll schedule an appointment that will allow you to get started matching your smile to your happy lifestyle. “Patients often tell us they’ve been embarrassed about their smile for years, or that it has caused them a great deal of anguish. Their self-confidence has suffered,” says Dr.Strutz. With today’s awesome advances in dental technology, there is no longer a reason to hide behind a smile you don’t love. 

A smile can become an asset or a liability. In seven seconds, a first impression is made, and this may stop a person from considering someone when interviewing for the new job or promotion. There is no reason to wait a second longer, it’s time to give yourself the life you deserve, and that can include a winning smile to add to your style. 

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