Sunday, July 5, 2015

Improve Your Smile By Avoiding These Foods

Our mouth is the gateway to what enters our body. "Not only is the health of your smile and teeth impacted by what we eat, there is a direct connection between the health of your smile and the health of your internal organs," Dr. Judith Strutz. You can make a few small changes to your diet and improve your smile. 

 Fruits and vegetables are an easy fix. By increasing fruits and vegetables that have a high-water concentration, you allow food to be removed from the surfaces of your teeth. There are always bacteria in the mouth, but the negative effect of bacteria is fueled when it has food that can turn to sugar. This sugar damages the enamel and can negatively impact your gums. 

 Cutting down on carbohydrates reduces belly weight, and it decreases decay. Carbohydrates tend to stick to the teeth and are more difficult to remove with just the saliva in your mouth. In between brushing, if you are going to eat something with carbs, you may want to rinse with water to remove some of the food that is sticking to your teeth. 

Avoid foods that are gummy. Like carbohydrates, foods that are gummy bond to the surface of your teeth and do not release their grip until brushing. “If you are out and about for the day and know you will not be home for a while, you may want to avoid sticky foods all together,” suggests Dr. Strutz.  

Enjoy more fruits and vegetables and enjoy a white, healthy smile. 
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