Saturday, July 18, 2015

Restorative Dentistry Could Be Your Only Option

If you have cracked or broken teeth it could be impacting your future. The first seven seconds a first impression is made. If your smile is riddled with decay, missing teeth or chipped teeth you are not giving the very best impression. Employers judge your smile and determine in those seven seconds if you are someone who can meet other individuals, make clients feel comfortable, encourage them to order a product or are someone who inspires others to try something new.
Restorative dentistry provides opportunities for your smile to be returned to its natural state through innovative techniques. Dr. JudithStrutz may be able to restore your smile by utilizing implants, veneers or crowns. The options you have available to you will depend on a comprehensive exam completed Dr. Strutz and her team to determine how to best fit your needs.

Leaving your smile alone to its own could cause more damage. Once you have chipped or broken teeth, you may notice your bite to be off, which can cause facial pain and dental discomfort. Your upper teeth fit into the groves on your lower teeth, but if your teeth are cracked, or if you have missing teeth, your bite can shift and teeth may move into a position which means teeth hit at the wrong spot. This can then lead to jaw problems and more teeth cracking.

Don’t let your future be impacted one second longer. Call prosthodontist Dr. Strutz and her team today.

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