Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery Can Restore Your Smile

Life can damage your beautiful smile throughout the years. While you may have had a white, healthy smile once, as the years go on your teeth can become stained by coffee, loose due to periodontal disease, or cracked in an accident. You may have not been able to fix your smile or thought no one would be able to help you. This is not the case. Dr. Judith Strutz and her team are equipped to repair and return your smile to its healthier and more youthful version.

Veneers are great if you have multiple teeth that have been impacted over time. It may be your best option in that they look and feel like your own teeth. After treatment, keep in mind that you will need to brush and floss them like you would your other teeth.

Fixed bridges can restore missing teeth. Fixed bridges work when there are teeth the bridge can be attached to. While this can be a wonderful way to replace missing teeth, the natural teeth must be kept healthy or periodontal disease can develop.

It is critical to fix missing or cracked teeth. The jawbone can be negatively impacted if there are not constant options for bone growth. In order for the bone to be stimulated and grow, the movement of teeth grinding food together must happen. The other challenge with missing teeth is that your other teeth may shift, causing bite problems.

Dr. Strutz and her team can provide you with a smile that is beautiful and can last a lifetime. Make your appointment today, because you’re worth it.

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