Sunday, August 2, 2015

Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Rob You

Restful and restorative sleep is necessary in order to carry on a healthy and active lifestyle. "Sleep apnea can rob you of not only happiness, but it can take away your opportunities at work, reduce your patience with your children and reek havoc on your body," suggests Dr. Judy Strutz.

Sleep apnea can impact your judgment and increase your risk of type two diabetes. When you wake up several times throughout the night in order to breath, your brain must kick into overdrive. Dr. Strutz says, "your body needs to reach rem sleep and stay there on average for 30% of your sleep time in order to restore the body." If you are getting enough sleep each night, youll wake up feeling excited, energized and ready for your day.

Sleep apnea disturbs the bodies ability to enter rem sleep. While you are snoozing away and attempting to soak in every second of sleep you can, your body is actually waking you up in order to stay alive.  Just one hour of poor sleep begins to break the body down. Organs begin to struggle to work at a greater capacity in order to keep your body as healthy as possible.

Sleep apnea can be corrected by your cosmetic prosthodontist, allowing you and your spouse to enjoy a better and healthier life.

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