Friday, August 7, 2015

It’s Never To Late To Get The Smile You Love

You may hear the word cosmetic dentistry or cosmetics and immediately think it is a waste of time. You may even think to yourself that your dentist is just trying to take more of your money. Cosmetic dentistry is about more than just a pretty smile. Broken and cracked teeth can impact your body, your job and your self-confidence.

Individuals only have seven short seconds to make a first impression. If your smile is riddled with broken or cracked teeth, you may find yourself passed over time and time again for that promotion you are qualified for. “Individuals who struggle to move up in their job not only suffer from higher levels of depression, they may also be impacted by money problems that can lead to relationship problems,” says Dr.Judith Strutz.

Nutrition is critical to the overall success and health of your body. Everything you eat can benefit your body. Individuals who are impacted by broken teeth may change which foods they eat due to the pain it causes at meals.  You may experience a drop in your overall energy, and general health, as well as chronic jaw pain if the issue is not taken care of.

Some cosmetic procedures are completed to whiten and brighten your smile, which helps with the overall look, while veneers and other similar procedures are created to fix your smile using a more permanent solution.

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