Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sleep Apnea In Women

As a woman it can be embarrassing to snore or be impacted by symptoms of sleep apnea. You may feel tired, struggle to stay awake in the afternoon, or be viewed negatively by not moving up in your job due to a lack of focus. Please know that no matter what is causing your troubles, you have options.

Dr. Judith Strutz, will begin the process by completing an exam and evaluate the cause behind your sleep apnea, and then together you will come up with a plan that can help increase your opportunity for a restful night’s sleep.

It will be critically important during this process, with Dr. Strutz, to be honest. While some patients may respond best to a c-pap device, others can be effectively treated using an oral appliance – or you maybe someone who could benefit from using both devices simultaneously.

Individuals, especially those who are impacted by mild sleep apnea symptoms, may find a dental appliance truly makes a world of difference. Don’t let sleep deprivation control your future, get help today. A visit to Dr.Judith Strutz, may reveal your best options are easier than you think.

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