Thursday, July 21, 2016

Signs And Symptoms Of Lip Tie In Children

Your baby may be a few weeks or a few years old. They may have struggled to breast feed and now that they are older, sticking their tongue out and saying certain sounds may be difficult for them. “There are multiple signs and symptoms of a lip tie in Children and knowing these signs,” says Dr. Strutz, “can help you get treatment instead of waiting and wondering why your child is struggling.”

Lip tie, can make it difficult for your baby to latch on properly when breastfeeding, which can lead to your baby being fussy and inconsolable. Without your baby being able to get the proper nutrition they need, their belly cannot fill up, which then can impact how content they are. A fussy baby can make it difficult for them, and for you, to sleep.

Excessive gas in your infant may be a sign of lip tie. When your baby is latching onto the nipple, it is important that they have a proper latch in order to not suck in too much air when they are trying to eat. Babies who have lip tie, are unable to latch on properly which then creates an inadequate suction. This suction then causes them to take in excessive air, which creates gas.

If you are noticing an improper latch, or your baby seems unusually fussy, contact, Dr. Judy Strutz and her team today for more information.

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