Friday, July 1, 2016

Just The Facts!

It can be stressful to visit a prosthodontist. You may not know what they are going to recommend, or if the treatment they are recommending is right for you. It may seem every time you visit a dentist or prosthodontist that they recommend a crown. Here are 5 facts about crowns that can help you be informed at your next appointment.

1.     Dental crowns are an investment, but they are the best option for extending the life of your natural tooth. They allow you to keep your tooth and help restore normal function.
2.     Crowns can come in different colors/or materials. You can choose between having a crown that matches your natural teeth or one that stands out.
3.     A crown can cover a tooth that has a large filling, where the tooth structure is weakened or damaged. Any time you can keep a tooth, it is a better option then pulling the tooth and attempting to replace.
4.     You may need a temporary crown placed until the real crown comes in and can be seated.
5.     The crown will be fitted to your natural bite in order to allow you full function of the tooth. You’ll need to brush 2x a day and floss at least 1x a day to keep your crown in good health.

For more information on crowns and other restorations, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team today!

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