Monday, January 2, 2017


"When working with an 'All-on-4' type of prosthesis - a fixed prosthesis or denture that generally is affixed to 4 to 6 implants - it is really critical for one to have a full understanding and be comfortable working with removable prosthodontics (dentures)," says Dr. Judith Strutz, a prosthodontics specialist working in San Bernardino, California. "This is because so much of the removable principals are critical for long term success in an implant supported prosthesis (denture) and a great outcome."

The mouth's forces need to be managed so the implants are protected. The way a patient moves around their jaws makes a difference in how the teeth will move around once the 'All on 4' type of prosthesis is attached.  A strong background in removable prosthodontics allows the specialist to come up with solutions to manage this situation that many others have never thought of or done before. Why is this important? With implants, people chew with significantly more force than with their own teeth, because they don't have the same sense from the mouth about how hard they are chewing. 

"Because of this more forceful chewing with implant supported teeth, you have to build into the 'All-on-4' type of prosthesis in a way to distributes the mouth's forces to protect the implants and bone.  This knowledge is based on experience with removable prostheses.  With dentures you have to address those same forces for a different reason - because you want to minimize any bone loss caused from wearing dentures.  This same kind of knowledge and experience is critical for success."

A prosthodontist, is a specialist who actually has additional education and training, not only in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, but also in removable prosthesis which is why they are a great choice for patients to consider when investing in this type of dental care. Dr. Strutz's experience causes her to look at these 'All-on-4' type of cases in the same way she has looked at her traditional denture cases for years and this means that she can enable long term success. 

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