Friday, January 6, 2017

Sleep Is Always Important

You can never have enough sleep. Research shows that the average American is sleep deprived and that most adults get less than 6 hours of quality sleep a night. You need to be able to bask in the glory of the REM cycle in order to be the productive citizen you wish to be. If sleep apnea, snoring, and other problems related to sleep are continuing to inhibit your life, a dental device may be the key.

There are hundreds of advertisements for the c-pap machine, but they can be loud, they can be expensive, and in the event that you are in a new relationship it may be the first thing you introduce them to when they stay the night. Adults say that breathing machines disrupt intimacy and at times become a hindrance to their relationships. A dental device can change this. It is a small device that fits comfortably in your mouth and opens up your jaw. Not only do you know you will get the sleep you deserve, you get the benefit of a quiet evening. You also can place it in your mouth right before you go to sleep because there is nothing that needs to be prepped and prepared.

For more information on sleep apnea devices contact Dr. Strutz and her team today.

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