Friday, November 29, 2019

Avoid Dental Emergencies

Nothing is worse than having a cracked or broken tooth interrupt your holiday plans. This year you can take care of problems ahead of time to decrease the risk of having problems when you want to be with family. Here are 5 tips to helping you stay out of the dentist's office with an emergency this Holiday Season.

  1. Get problems taken care of. If you have a tooth that is bothering you or is cracked or broken schedules your appointment now.
  2. Brush and floss regularly. This is a great way not only to keep your smile healthy but also to cut down on problems.
  3. Don’t use your teeth as tools. If you are opening packages or using your teeth as tools you run a higher risk of damaging the structure of your teeth.
  4. Don’t chew on ice. Cracked and broken teeth can happen when the enamel on your teeth is weakened. Chewing on ice can cause problems you don’t need.
  5. Use a mouthguard. If you and your family get together over the holidays and play a little ball, street hockey or football, protect your smile with a mouthguard.

  • more information on avoiding dental catastrophes over the holiday break, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.

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