Saturday, February 13, 2016

After Lip & Tongue Tie Laser Surgery

Oral wounds can heal very quickly and without the proper care, all of the work done to release your baby’s tongue-tie could be lost. This is why it is important to do the stretches and follow the proper care after your little one’s procedure. Once an open wound is created in the mouth, the body will attempt to heal and close up that wound. If left alone, the lip tie will attempt to stick to the gum line while the tongue-tie will begin to reattach to the floor of the mouth. Once the laser surgery is completed, stretching can help to avoid horizontal healing.

The result you want is vertical healing. “Vertical healing allows the lip tie to loosen to allow for proper movement. In order to prevent the tie from rebinding, properly done stretches completed after surgery will allow the loosening of the tie and allow for proper vertical healing,” says Dr. JudyStrutz.

After a tongue-tie laser procedure is performed a new band connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth will be created and after about 5-7 days a new soft wound should be created.

You should be able to move the lip back and forth completing the stretches without resistance.  Proper movement after the laser procedure is critical to allow the wound to heal correctly.

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