Thursday, February 25, 2016

Restoring Your Smile Can Help You Avoid The Need For Other Facial Cosmetic Procedures

When you are impacted with cracked, broken or missing teeth it can cause your smile to sink in. Left unattended over time, it can not only cause you to look older but can also cause you to feel older. Individuals who have a smile they are not proud of report more cases of depression and other health problems. You may be unable to eat a proper and nutritious diet due to dental pain. Dr. Strutz says, "Gum disease can impact the jaw bone which will eventually dissolve due to underuse."

If you are considering plastic surgery, botox or other facial procedures to help you look younger, you may want to first contact a restorative dentist who can help to fix broken or chipped teeth. There are several options available to replace missing teeth and some of these procedures can be covered by insurance.

Your teeth give your lips their shape. If your teeth are not there to provide this shape you may show signs of premature aging. Once you have fixed your smile it can help to decrease your lips and cheeks from sagging. Remember though, once you have these procedures completed you’ll want to continue with regular dental and oral care in order to keep your new smile in tip-top shape.

Don’t waste time with a smile you don’t love, get help today. For more information, contact Dr. JudyStrutz and her team today.

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