Thursday, February 11, 2016

Does Your Smile Make You Look Older Than You Really Are?

Take this short quiz to determine if your smile is causing you to look older than you are. "There are multiple problems that may impact our smiles, but certain problems can also cause your lips to sag, and/or wrinkles around your mouth," says Dr. Judy Strutz.

1.     Are you missing one or more of your teeth?
2.     Are there stains or decay visible on your teeth?
3.     Do you have wrinkles around your mouth?
4.     Do you have chipped or cracked teeth?
5.     Are your teeth worn down in the front?

If you have answered yes to 2 or more of these questions your smile may be working against you instead of for you. Restorative procedures can help replace missing, or cracked teeth. A great cleaning and whitening procedure can remove stains from your teeth, giving them a facelift. Replacing missing teeth can help not only improve your overall health but, also give you back the support your smile needs. Most people may not think of it too much, but chipped teeth give your smile the appearance of being worn down or of having trauma caused over time.

Dr. Strutz, recommends if you are impacted by any of these and are not happy with your smile for some other reason, contact her & her team today for more information on restorative procedures.

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