Saturday, February 27, 2016

Have You Been Misled About a Tongue or Lip Tie?

The information about lip and tongue tie has only recently been evaluated and provided to breastfeeding parents. While this is not new, you may have been a parent who in the past has been misled, given wrong information or have been unsure whether your baby is in need of surgery. Now there is help, Dr. Judy Strutz and her team can help provide you the answers you need.

It is important if your baby is struggling to properly latch while breastfeeding that you look into the problem further. Many new mom’s think it’s a problem with them. You’re not alone in feeling this way. When in fact it may be a thick piece of skin, that is causing problems. A consultation with Dr. Strutz can confirm that your baby is impacted by either a tongue or lip tie.

Once the consultation is completed, a laser procedure can be preformed. This procedure is a very short oral procedure and most mothers can successfully breastfeed shortly after the procedure. After care stretching will need to be performed in order to ensure proper healing of the wound.

Don’t suffer in silence, prosthodontist Dr. Strutz and her team can answer your questions about lip and tongue tie today.

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