Thursday, November 16, 2017

Break Bad Dental Habits And Replace Them With Better Ones

The habits we have created in adulthood can be tricky to break. There may be food habits you are holding on to, or maybe you don’t like flossing and so you just skip that part of the dental routine. Quitting anything and changing that habit, while it takes dedication and a positive outlook, can be done with these 3 tips from Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.

1.     Set a calendar invite in your phone to remind you to brush and floss every day. Or if you want to quit eating snacks at 3:00 pm, which can lead to decay and other dental problems, create a calendar invite that can remind you of why are choosing a healthy habit.
2.     Find a phrase or mantra that you can say to yourself when you want to give up on your plan.
3.     Write down your plan. Research shows that people who write down their goal and steps they are going to use to implement that change can be a powerful motivator to change negative patterns of behavior.
You are worth having a fantastic and healthy smile. Change your habits today. For more information, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.

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